General informations about breed

Schipperke is a small sheep dog. The name derived from a flemish word >scheperke< = herdsman. It was first mentioned in the Monelus Wencelas Chronicle in the 15th century. In many old, flemish paintings the dog is seen as an integrated part of day to day life in the countryside.

The Schipperke was also found on river barges, and some thinks that's where the name derives from. The small and supple dog kept the ship from rats and mice, and guarded loudly against thiefs and intruders.

In the year 1690, a contest took place, to make the most beautiful collar for the little black dog. And when the belgian Queen Marie-Henriette, in 1885 got herself a Schipperke, the dog gained great popularity.

The lively, curious and attentive follower is patient towards children in the family, and a passionate guard dog, not open to bribary. Those that value a dog barking, and defensive, but not really able to do serious harm to other people, will find a very reliable friend in a Schipperke.

It is an intelligent, and easily trained race, but with temper, and small enough for having in a flat. The dog attaches fully to it's owner, but is appropriately reserved to strangers.

It doesn't demand extensive care and is very robust.

The Schipperke is the ideal dog for those who do not like toy dogs and want a dog that is full of "dog" and yet have not room for a big dog. Hardy enough to sleep out in cold weather if you want him to, the "skip" as he is called in England, makes a desirable house dog. His hair never seems to shed heavily, and being black, it does not cover furniture and clothing; he is clean in his habits, and quickly trained.

He is in fact in character a miniature Shepherd, with all of a large dog's brain capacity, and as a watch dog he is 100 percent efficient. In his own country and in England he is deservedly popular, and here I have observed that where one Schipperke goes more are soon wanted. He is in fact a dog who needs only to be given a chance to make his own place and keep it. Those who have owned a "skip" are never again satisfied with any other breed.

This is a wonderfully captivating little breed. They are often referred to as a big dog in a small package, or to those of us who love them, as little black devils.

Schipperkes are active dogs, that very much enjoy such activities as hiking or walks, boating(with proper precautions), couch lounging, toy tossing, or simply just playing in the yard.  They also enjoy some light gardening( some do dig) and being messenger to alert of visitors( they do bark).

Most schipperkes do get along with other dogs and often enjoy having a "playmate".

Schipperkes can make good family dogs because they are very affectionate, and are good with children (in general), but can tolerate more active endeavors and family outings as well.  They can be protective of family members, but are easily assured of a welcomed guest.

You must know that schipperkes can tend to be stubborn. Because of this eagerness to please, they train rather easily to many commands, and are good house dogs with proper training.

They tend to be appropriately sensitive, and need very little discipline.  No dog should ever be hit for misbehavior, or any reason for that matter.  It only takes a stern voice, and a "what did you do" for a schipperke to show its sensitive side. Often times, if one of my dogs has taken something that they know they should not have, they give themselves away with the most guilty look on their face.

Not a single day goes by that one of my schipperkes has not made me laugh!!  They truly are a great little breed

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