about us

We are the first Schipperke Kennel in Romania and so far the only one. We consider our kennel as a small family kennel specializing in purebred Schipperke dogs. It means that our family deal in only one breed, on a fairly small scale. A kennel founded out of love and respect for dogs, of passion in breeding and dog selection for developing this breed totally unknown in Romania at this moment.

Our Kennel is specialized in breedingĀ  the Schipperke breed, entertainment dogs. The puppies produced by our kennel are from canine specimens that were purchased from large kennels abroad (Czech Republic, Hungary). The origin of specimens obtained in our kennel is guaranteed by numerous titles at both the national and international exhibitions.

We always had pets, but dogs have always been close to our soul. After a long personal training in what about a kennel means and careful preparation to their necessary growth space, we chose to buy schipperke breed and to establish first schipperke kennel in Romania.

Why schipperke? Because we love small breeds, playful, affective and that is different from other breeds by intelligence and exuberant energy.

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